Intelligent Key battery discharge

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Intelligent Key battery discharge
Intelligent Key battery discharge

If the battery of the Intelligent Key is almost discharged, the guide light B of the Intelligent Key port A blinks and the indicator appears on the dot matrix liquid crystal display. (See Dot matrix liquid crystal display.) In this case, inserting the Intelligent Key into the port 1 allows you to start the engine. Make sure that the key ring side faces backward as illustrated. Insert the Intelligent Key in the port until it is latched and secured.

To remove the Intelligent Key from the port, push the ignition switch to the OFF position and pull the Intelligent Key out of the port.

The Intelligent Key port does not charge the Intelligent Key battery. If you see the low battery indicator in the dot matrix liquid crystal display, replace the battery as soon as possible. (See Intelligent Key battery replacement.)

Never place anything except the Intelligent Key in the Intelligent Key port.
Doing so may cause damage to the equipment.
Make sure the Intelligent Key is in the correct direction when inserting it to the Intelligent Key port. The engine may not start if it is in the incorrect direction.
Remove the Intelligent Key from the Intelligent Key port after the ignition switch is pushed to the OFF position.

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