Precautions on vehicle-to-vehicle distance control mode

Precautions on vehicle-to-vehicle distance control mode  - Intelligent Cruise Control (ICC) system (if so equipped) - Starting and driving - Infiniti G Owners Manual - Infiniti G

The system is intended to enhance the operation of the vehicle when following a vehicle traveling in the same lane and direction.

The system is intended to enhance the operation of the vehicle when following a vehicle traveling in the same lane and direction.

If the distance sensor A detects a slower moving vehicle ahead, the system will reduce the vehicle speed so that your vehicle follows the vehicle in front at the selected distance.

The system automatically controls the throttle and applies the brakes (up to 25% of vehicle braking power) if necessary.

The detection range of the sensor is approximately 390 ft (120 m) ahead.

This system is only an aid to assist the driver and is not a collision warning or avoidance device. It is the drivers responsibility to stay alert, drive safely and be in control of the vehicle at all times.
The system is primarily intended for use on straight, dry, open roads with light traffic. It is not advisable to use the system in city traffic or congested areas.
This system will not adapt automatically to road conditions. This system should be used in evenly flowing traffic. Do not use the system on roads with sharp curves, or on icy roads, in heavy rain or in fog.

The distance sensor will not detect under most conditions:
Stationary and slow moving vehicles
Pedestrians or objects in the roadway
Oncoming vehicles in the same lane
Motorcycles traveling offset in the travel lane
This system will not automatically brake the vehicle to a stop.

As there is a performance limit to the distance control function, never rely solely on the Intelligent Cruise Control system. This system does not correct careless, inattentive or absent-minded driving, or overcome poor visibility in rain, fog, or other bad weather. Decelerate the vehicle speed by depressing the brake pedal, depending on the distance to the vehicle ahead and the surrounding circumstances in order to maintain a safe distance between vehicles.
Although the brake operation is controlled by the system, the system does not automatically stop the vehicle. If the vehicle speed falls below approximately 20 MPH (32 km/h), the Intelligent Cruise Control system is automatically canceled and a warning chime sounds. (The brake control is also canceled.)
The system may not detect the vehicle in front of you in certain road or weather conditions. To avoid accidents, never use the Intelligent Cruise Control system under the following conditions:
On roads where the traffic is heavy or there are sharp curves
On slippery road surfaces such as on ice or snow, etc.
During bad weather (rain, fog, snow, etc.)
When the windshield wiper is operated at the low speed (LO) or high speed (HI) position, the Intelligent Cruise Control system is automatically canceled.
When strong light (for example, at sunrise or sunset) is directly shining on the front of the vehicle
When rain, snow or dirt adhere to the system sensor
On steep downhill roads (the vehicle may go beyond the set vehicle speed and frequent braking may result in overheating the brakes)
On repeated uphill and downhill roads
When traffic conditions make it difficult to keep a proper distance between vehicles because of frequent acceleration or deceleration
In some road or traffic conditions, a vehicle or object can unexpectedly come into the sensor detection zone and cause automatic braking. You may need to control the distance from other vehicles using the accelerator pedal. Always stay alert and avoid using the ICC system when it is not recommended in this section.

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