Cup holders

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Avoid abrupt starting and braking when the cup holder is being used to prevent spilling the drink. If the liquid is hot, it can scald you or your passenger.
Use only soft cups in the cup holder.
Hard objects can injure you in an accident.

Automatic transmission models  Front
Automatic transmission models Front

To open the cup holder, push the lid 1 .

The flap A will be folded down when inserting a large container.

Manual transmission models  Front
Manual transmission models Front

To open the cup holder, slide the lid 1 .

Install the partition plate into the slit 2 .


To open the cup holder, pull the lid.

Soft bottle holder

Soft bottle holder

Do not use bottle holder for any other objects that could be thrown about in the vehicle and possibly injure people during sudden braking or an accident.
Do not use bottle holder for open liquid containers.

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