Bluetooth® settings

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Bluetooth® settings
Bluetooth® settings

To set up the Bluetooth® device system to the preferred settings, push the SETTING button and select the “Bluetooth” key.


If this setting is turned off, the connection between the Bluetooth® devices and the in-vehicle Bluetooth® module will be canceled.

Connect Bluetooth:

Connects to the Bluetooth® device. See “Connecting procedure”. Up to 5 devices can be registered.

Connected Devices:

Registered devices are shown on the list.

Select a Bluetooth® device from the list, the following options will be available.

• Select

Select “Select” to connect the selected device to the vehicle. If there is a different device currently connected, the selected device will replace the current device.

• Edit

Rename the selected Bluetooth® device using the keypad displayed on the screen. (See “How to use touch screen (models with navigation system)”.)

• Delete

Delete the selected Bluetooth® device.

Edit Bluetooth Info:

Change the name broadcasted by this system over Bluetooth®. Change the PIN code that is entered when connecting a hands free device to this system.

Replace Connected Phone:

Replace the Bluetooth® connection with a connected Bluetooth® cellular phone. For details about Hands-Free Phone System, see “Bluetooth® Hands-Free Phone System (models with navigation system)”.

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