CD/DVD/USB memory care and cleaning

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CD/DVD/USB memory care and cleaning
CD/DVD/USB memory care and cleaning


Х Handle a CD/DVD by its edges. Never touch the surface of the disc. Do not bend the disc.

Х Always place the discs in the storage case when they are not being used.

Х To clean a disc, wipe the surface from the center to the outer edge using a clean, soft cloth. Do not wipe the disc using a circular motion.

Do not use a conventional record cleaner or alcohol intended for industrial use.

Х A new disc may be rough on the inner and outer edges. Remove the rough edges by rubbing the inner and outer edges with the side of a pen or pencil as illustrated.

USB memory

Х Never touch the terminal portion of the USB memory.

Х Do not place heavy objects on the USB memory.

Х Do not store the USB memory in highly humid locations.

Х Do not expose the USB memory to direct sunlight.

Х Do not spill any liquids on the USB memory.

Refer to the USB memory OwnerТs Manual for the details.

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