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INFINITI all-mode 4WD system  - INFINITI all-mode 4WD (if so equipped) - Starting and driving - Infiniti QX Owners Manual - Infiniti QX

The all mode 4WD system provides 3 positions (AUTO, 4HI and 4LO), so you can select the desired drive mode according to the driving conditions. 4WD shift procedure:

1: The 4LO and 4HI indicator may flash alternately. Stop the vehicle and be

1: The 4LO and 4HI indicator may flash alternately. Stop the vehicle and be sure to turn the 4WD shift switch after the transmission selector lever has been shifted to the N (Neutral) position. If the indicator keeps flashing after the 4WD shift procedure, drive slowly without abrupt maneuvers for a while. Then the indicator will illuminate or turn off. Avoid making a turn or abrupt starts while shifting to the 4LO position. Otherwise the gears may grind, damaging the drive system. 2: While changing in and out of the 4LO position, the engine must be running. Otherwise, the shift will not take place and the 4LO indicator will not be on or flashing. 3: Make sure that the 4LO indicator turns on when shifting the 4WD shift switch to the 4L position. The Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) off indicator light will also turn on when 4L is selected. (See Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) system later in this section.)

The 4WD shift switch is used to select the 4WD mode depending on the driving conditions. There are 3 types of drive modes available, AUTO, 4HI and 4LO. The 4WD shift switch electronically controls the transfer case operation. Rotate the switch to move between each mode, AUTO, 4H and 4L. You must depress the 4WD shift switch to select 4L, and the vehicle MUST be stationary and the selector lever in the N (Neutral) position when changing into or out of 4L.

► When parking, apply the parking brake WARNING

► When parking, apply the parking brake before stopping the engine and make sure that the 4WD shift indicator is on and the ATP warning light turns off. Otherwise, the vehicle could unexpectedly move even if the automatic transmission is in the P (Park) position.
► The 4LO and 4HI indicators must stop blinking and the 4LO or 4HI indicator must remain illuminated or turn off before shifting the transmission into gear. If the selector lever is shifted from the N (Neutral) position to any other gear while the 4LO and 4HI indicators are blinking alternately, the vehicle may move unexpectedly.

► Never shift the 4WD shift switch between 4L and 4H while driving.
► The 4HI position provides greater traction. Avoid excessive speed, as it will cause increased fuel consumption and higher oil temperatures, and could damage drivetrain component. Speeds over 62 MPH (100 km/h) in 4HI is not recommended.
► The 4LO position provides maximum traction. Avoid raising vehicle speed excessively, as the maximum speed is approximately 31 MPH (50 km/h).
► When driving straight, shift the 4WD shift switch to the AUTO or 4H position. Do not move the 4WD shift switch when making a turn or reversing.
► Do not shift the 4WD shift switch (between AUTO and 4H) while driving on steep downhill grades. Use the engine brake and low automatic transmission gears for engine braking.
► Do not operate the 4WD shift switch (between AUTO and 4H) with the rear wheels spinning.
► Do not drive on dry hard surface roads in the 4HI or 4LO position. Driving on dry hard surfaces in 4HI or 4LO may cause unnecessary noise and tire wear. INFINITI recommends driving in the AUTO position under these conditions.
► The 4WD transfer case may not be shifted between 4HI and 4LO at low ambient temperatures and the 4LO and 4HI indicators may blink even when the 4WD shift switch is shifted. After driving for a while you can change the 4WD shift switch between 4H and 4L.

When driving on rough roads,
► Drive carefully according to the road surface conditions. When the vehicle is stuck,
► Place stones or wooden blocks under the tires to free the vehicle.
► Set the 4WD shift switch to 4H or 4L.
► If it is difficult to free the vehicle, repeat forward and backward movement to increase the movement.
► If the vehicle is stuck deep in mud, tire chains may be effective.

► Do not spin the tires excessively. Tires will sink deep into the mud, making it difficult to free the vehicle.
► Avoid shifting gears with the engine running at high speeds as this may cause malfunction.

4WD shift switch

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