Changing engine oil and filter

Changing engine oil and filter  - Engine oil - Maintenance and do-it-yourself - Infiniti QX Owners Manual - Infiniti QX

Vehicle set-up

1. Park the vehicle on a level surface and apply the parking brake. 2. Run the engine until it reaches operating temperature. 3. Turn the engine off and wait more than 15 minutes. 4. Raise and support the vehicle using a suitable floor jack and safety jack stands.
► Place the safety jack stands under the vehicle jack-up points.
► A suitable adapter should be attached to the jack stand saddle. 5. Remove the engine undercover.
► Remove the bolts that hold the undercover in place.

Make sure the correct lifting and support points are used to avoid vehicle damage.

Engine oil and filter

1. Place a large drain pan under the drain

1. Place a large drain pan under the drain plug.
2. Remove the oil filler cap.
3. Remove the drain plug 1 with a wrench and completely drain the oil.

Be careful not to burn yourself, as the engine oil is hot.

► Waste oil must be disposed of properly.
► Check your local regulations. 4. (Perform steps 4 to 7 only when the engine oil filter change is needed.). Loosen the oil filter2 with an oil filter wrench. Remove the oil filter by turning it by hand. 5. Wipe the engine oil filter mounting surface with a clean rag.

Be sure to remove any old rubber gasket remaining on the mounting surface of the engine. Failure to do so could lead to engine damage.

6. Coat the gasket on the new filter with clean engine oil. 7. Screw in the oil filter clockwise until a slight resistance is felt, then tighten additionally more than 2/3 turn.

Oil filter tightening torque:

11 to 15 ft-lb
(15 to 21 Nm)

8. Clean and re-install the drain plug with a new washer. Securely tighten the drain plug with a wrench.

Drain plug tightening torque:

22 to 29 ft-lb
(29 to 39 Nm)

Do not use excessive force. 9. Refill engine with recommended oil and install the oil filler cap securely.

The dipstick must be inserted in place to prevent oil spillage from the dipstick hole while filling the engine with oil.

See Capacities and recommended fuel/lubricants in the 9. Technical and consumer information section for drain and refill capacity. The drain and refill capacity depends on the oil temperature and drain time. Use these specifications for reference only. Always use the dipstick to determine the proper amount of oil in the engine. 10.Start the engine and check for leakage around the drain plug and the oil filter. Correct as required. 11.Turn the engine off and wait more than 15 minutes. Check the oil level with the dipstick. Add engine oil if necessary.

After the operationAfter the operation

1. Install the engine undercover into position as the following steps. a. Pull the center of the small plastic clip out. b. Hold the engine undercover into position. c. Insert the clip through the undercover into the hole in the frame, then push the center of the clip in to lock the clip in place. d. Install the other bolts that hold the undercover in place. Be careful not to strip the bolts or over-tighten them. 2. Lower the vehicle carefully to the ground. 3. Dispose of waste oil and filter properly.

► Prolonged and repeated contact with WARNING

► Prolonged and repeated contact with used engine oil may cause skin cancer.
► Try to avoid direct skin contact with used oil. If skin contact is made, wash thoroughly with soap or hand cleaner as soon as possible.
► Keep used engine oil out of reach of children.

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