Spare tire (TEMPORARY USE ONLY (T-type) spare tire)

Spare tire (TEMPORARY USE ONLY (T-type) spare tire)  - Changing wheels and tires - Wheels and tires - Maintenance and do-it-yourself - Infiniti G Owners Manual - Infiniti G

Observe the following precautions if the Ttype spare tire must be used, otherwise your vehicle could be damaged or involved in an accident.

Х The T-type spare tire should be used for emergency use. It should be replaced with the standard tire at the first opportunity to avoid possible tire or differential damage.
Х Drive carefully while the TEMPORARY USE ONLY spare tire is installed. Avoid sharp turns and abrupt braking while driving.
Х Periodically check spare tire inflation pressure. Always keep the pressure of the TEMPORARY USE ONLY spare tire at 60 psi (420 kPa, 4.2 bar). Always keep the pressure of the full size spare tire (if so equipped) at the recommended pressure for standard tires, as indicated on the Tire and Loading Information label.
For Tire and Loading Information label location, see УTire and Loading Information labelФ in the index of this manual.
Х With the TEMPORARY USE ONLY spare tire installed do not drive your vehicle at speeds faster than 50 MPH (80 km/h).
Х When driving on roads covered with snow or ice, the TEMPORARY USE ONLY spare tire should be used on the front wheels and original tire used on the rear wheels (drive wheels). Use tire chains only on the two rear original tires.
Х Tire tread of the TEMPORARY USE ONLY spare tire will wear at a faster rate than the standard tire. Replace the spare tire as soon as the tread wear indicators appear.
Х Do not use the spare tire on other vehicles.
Х Do not use more than one spare tire at the same time.

Х Do not use tire chains on a TEMPORARY USE ONLY spare tire. Tire chains will not fit properly and may cause damage to the vehicle.
Х Because the TEMPORARY USE ONLY spare tire is smaller than the original tire, ground clearance is reduced. To avoid damage to the vehicle, do not drive over obstacles. Also do not drive the vehicle through an automatic car wash since it may get caught.

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