FM/AM/SAT radio with compact disc (CD) player (if so equipped)

FM/AM/SAT radio with compact disc (CD) player (if so equipped)  - Audio system - Monitor, climate, audio, phone and voice recognition systems - Infiniti JX Owners Manual - Infiniti JX

1. VOL/ONOFF control knob

1. VOL/ONOFF control knob
2. 3.  SEEK/CAT/TRACK button SEEK/CAT/TRACK button (back)
3. (forward) SEEK/CAT/TRACK button (forward)
4. FMAM button
5. XM button*
6. DISCAUX button
7. RDM/RPT button
8. SCAN button
9. 10. TUNE/FOLDER and AUDIO control knob (Bass, Treble, Fade and Balance) CD eject button
10. TUNE/FOLDER and AUDIO control knob (Bass, Treble, Fade and Balance)
11. Station select (1 - 6) buttons

*No satellite radio reception is available when the AUX button is pressed to access satellite radio stations unless optional satellite receiver and antenna are installed and a SiriusXM Satellite Radio service subscription is active. Satellite radio is not available in Alaska, Hawaii and Guam.

For all operation precautions, see Audio operation precautions in this section.

Audio main operation

Head unit:

The auto loudness circuit enhances the low and high frequency ranges automatically in both radio reception and CD playback.

VOL/ONOFF control:

Place the ignition switch in the ACC or ON position and push the VOL/ONOFF control knob while the system is off to call up the mode that was playing immediately before the system was turned off.

To turn the system off, press the VOL/ONOFF control knob.

Turn the VOL/ONOFF control knob to adjust the volume.

Audio settings:

Audio settings:

Press the SETTING button and select the Audio key to adjust the following audio settings.


To adjust the speaker tone quality and sound balance, select the Bass, Treble, Balance or Fade key and adjust it with the INFINITI controller.

Fade adjusts the sound level between the front and rear speakers and Balance adjusts the sound between the right and left speakers.

The AUDIO control knob can also be used to change the bass, treble, balance and fade settings.

Press the AUDIO control knob to change the mode as follows:

Bass → Treble → Balance → Fade To adjust Bass, Treble, Balance and Fade, press the AUDIO control knob until the desired mode appears in the display. Turn the tuning knob to adjust Bass and Treble to the desired level. You can also use the tuning knob to adjust Fade and Balance modes.

Once you have adjusted the sound quality to the desired level, press the AUDIO control knob repeatedly until the radio or CD display reappears.

If the control knob is not pressed for approximately 10 seconds, the radio or CD display will automatically reappear.

BOSE Centerpoint (if so equipped):

When this item is turned to ON, an exciting surround sound effect is generated from a traditional stereo recording.

Surround Effect (models with Navigation System):

To adjust the surround sound volume, select Surround Effect key and adjust it with the INFINITI controller.

Speed Sensitive Vol.:

The audio systems volume is increased with the vehicle speed. Select the Speed Sensitive Vol. key and adjust the effect level with the INFINITI controller. The Speed Sensitive Volume function is turned off when the level is set to OFF. Increasing the value will cause the volume to increase faster with vehicle speed.

DivX Registration Code (models with Navigation System):

The registration code for a device that is used to download DivX files will be displayed on the screen. If a disc is loaded or a USB memory is connected to the audio system, this function will not be activated.

Display Album Cover Art (models with Navigation System):

When this item is turned to ON, the album cover image is displayed when playing iPod or MP3 music files through a CD, DVD or USB memory device. The image will not be displayed when the image is not properly embedded in the file or device.

Switching the display:

Press the DISCAUX button to switch the displays as follows:

● Models without Navigation System iPod /USB → CD → iPod /USB
● Models with Navigation System iPod /USB → CD/DVD → Bluetooth Audio → iPod /USB

Linking Intelligent Key (models with Navigation System):

The audio settings can be memorized for each Intelligent Key. For more details, see Setting memory function in the Predriving checks and adjustments section.

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